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For more than 30 years most developers saw a vacant, undersized lot of land in an awkward part of the urban demographic. For us - we saw nothing but opportunity. Located across from the University of Utah football stadium and a light rail station, adjacent to high density low income senior housing and surrounded by student rentals we knew there was a program that could plug right in.


After several months of meetings with the community council, neighbors and city staff, the decision was made to build a boutique commercial building that serves the needs of the local demographic. An urban market/deli provides fresh food options, coffee, and grab and go lunches to students passing by on their way to class while a flexible venue space in the back caters to off-campus events, student study groups and local meet-ups. During game days the market is moved out of the way and the entire building is opened up to become the premier pre-game party for University of Utah UTES fans.

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