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Located on a 5-acre parcel in the up and coming city of Millcreek, Utah, this design for a private developer sought to create a transformational project that broke out of the design mold for podium-style multi family construction in Utah. Podium construction often leads to monotonous, unfriendly structures that are clearly a result of thinking about design in one way: efficiency. 


The building, larger than most city blocks, occupies nearly 600 feet of street frontage and was designed to create a “city-scape” all on its own. Upper levels step back to create balconies for lower level units and create relief from the street level which helps bring the 7-story building down to a pedestrian scale.


As an academic study of community within multi-family structures, we chose to create common spaces for residents on each floor ranging in size from robust courtyards to 400 SF common areas. Doorways into the individual units were given a 6’ x 4’ niche for which residents can adorn their front doors with decorations thereby giving them domain, a sense of uniqueness and a “front porch” to help them feel at home.

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