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In October of 2018, Salt Lake City passed their Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance effectively creating opportunity for single family home owners to build an additional unit of density in their backyards as a means of creating new paths towards financial independence. As designers - we saw the opportunity to design and offer several models that would fit within the historic context of the single family neighborhoods. 


Begun as an academic study of historic housing typologies present in Salt Lake, we ventured to create proto-types that, when placed in the backyard of a historic home, fit into the context while adding a bit of a modern flare. A timeline was created by studying both the local and the national trends in housing which allowed us to discern the major movements and draw commonalities across the typologies. The result: three new design typologies that blend historic typologies through their massing and detailing, each being able to fit within a certain era of construction in Salt Lake City.

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