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The Timberlakes residence is an exercise in “mountain modern” design without all of the gimmicks. Often adorned with faux wood beams, heavy stonework and pitched roofs, “mountain modern” has become a style that can be easily recognized in mountain towns across america - despite the changes in local demographics and environments.


Our approach to the design was two-fold: fit within the HOA regulations by conforming to pitched roofs, exposed wood and stonework but do it in a way that is contemporary and fits into the landscape and context. A weathered cedar exterior finish wraps the side volumes of the house and grounds it into the dry landscape of sagebrush. White ledgestone creates an accent at the front door and will purposefully “disappear” during winter months when the ground is covered in a blanket of snow. The rich Walnut finish of the middle volume purposefully contrasts with the surrounding terrain and other finishes - adding a bold punch that accentuates the iconic mountain modern form of the pitched roof drawing recognition and familiarity within the context of other homes in the area.

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